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  As a potent diuretic, Furosemide really works for congestive heart failure in dogs!Unfortunately, it can also change urinary habits and contribute to incontinence. It’s called Lasix because it “Lasts-six” hours. With this in mind, we often recommend one dose early morning and a second dose mid-afternoon. By avoiding typical 8am/8pm dosing, you can prevent increased urine volume during the night when incontinence and accidents are most common. For extreme cases, incontinence medication can also be used at night. Estrogen products  such as Incurin are preferred, though Phenylpropanolamine (Proin) can also be used successfully with more potential side effects.

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… After you refer a patient, we often recommend the next two or more visits be done at your office?  Yes, it’s true! We provide free interpretation of your tests, as well as recommendations for ongoing management. We even send  clients a reminder to visit you! Your clients like this, and we think you will too!

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