Gary L. Wood, DVM, ACVIM

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New Client Forms

Please open, print and complete the following 2 new client forms prior to your first appointment in order to expedite your check-in. We also have copies in the office if you are unable to access the forms below.

Click on each one to open:
Heart Screening Forms (generally for breeders--not needed for workup appointments)

If you are bringing your dog in for a Heart Screening or attending a clinic, please click on, fill out and print the Heart Screening and Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) forms below.

Application for Congenital Cardiac Database
Heart Screening Form (for Auscultations: Listening to Heart)
Canine Echo Report

If you are bringing your cat in for a Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) screening, please click on, print and complete the form below and bring it to your appointment.

Feline Echo Form (HCM Screening)

For Referring Doctors
If you are a veterinarian referring a client to our office, please fill out the following form and either fax or send with the client.  Our fax number is 503-246-6407. 

New Client Referral Form

If you are a veterinarian requesting a professional consult with Dr. Wood please complete the following form and include when faxing patient information. 

Consultation Request Form

For Existing Clients
Please open, print, and utilize this form to monitor and log your pet's resting respiratory rate at home.

Resting Respiratory Rate (RRR)


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